Choosing your cup size

Pinkcup Australia offers two sizes, large and small. It is important that your cup size is the correct size for you to ensure maximum comfort and prevent leaks from occurring.

When choosing your size, a few factors that need to be considered are:

Your Flow

We recommend using a large cup if you have a heavy flow, regardless of other considerations. If you have a lite flow a small may be better suited – baring in mind other conditions are taken into account.


If you have a smaller vaginal canals, a small would be recommended to prevent a leak and women with a larger vaginal canal should use a L sized cup.


Mothers, regardless of birth procedure, should use a size L.

Pelvic Floor Tone

With age and pregnancy, your vaginal muscles change. A change in elasticity and tone in vaginal muscles become more apparent with age. If you have any pelvic floor deficiencies, a L cup should be used.


Virgins are encouraged to use a small, consulting your GP and/or Gynae is recommended regarding your hymen.