Can the two be used together? The good news is absolutely!

An IUD is a popular option for contraception.

Yes, it is true, a menstrual cup can dislodge your IUD. Though we have found this to be rare, it does happen. Mostly occurring during the removal process. First things first check with your General practitioner or Gynecologist as to what would best suit you, your needs and your use of menstrual cup.

The two main reason for IUD’s being removed during the use of a menstrual cup are:

The pulling of a IUD string while trying to remove the menstrual cup:

Be sure you know where the string of your IUD is. An IUD is inserted higher then where the menstrual cup should be, but some people are different and are able to reach their strings. Be sure to see our INSERTING page to make sure you insert correctly and not to high – this may cause leaking due to the cervix not pointing inside the cup and may also be able to touch your IUD string. Ensure you know the placement of the IUD and discuss this with your Gynecologist or GP as pulling of the strings can remove the IUD.

Not releasing the suction before removing the menstrual cup:

The importance of creating the suction is to ensure the menstrual cup does not move up or down once inserted, another reason is to prevent leakages. Before you pull down to remove your menstrual cup please ensure the seal is broken first, if the seal is not broken the suction can cause the pulling on your IUD and this can be a reason for your IUD being pulled out. For more on removing your PinkCup please see our REMOVING page


  • Due to the nature of the PinkCup, its intended use as a personal hygiene item and the many factors involved in its use; PinkCup can not be held responsible if personal injury or infection occurs. This includes the lose of or removal of an IUD and or the costs involved with replacing it.
  • If for what ever reason while using your PinkCup menstrual cup you experience long term discomfort or infection, please remove and consult your physician immediately.
  • The owners of PinkCup are not doctors or Gynaecologists, all information is a guideline and professional advice should be sought to ensure proper use of any menstrual cup.